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OUTFIT | Share a Coke with..

With who would you share your coke? - What am I wearing? Star Pull | Forever21 Shorts | H&M Heels | Asos Coke | Coca Cola [...]

augustus 21, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration 0

OUTFIT | Classy is the original black’

  Classy is the original black. For some reason everything looks better in black. I look better in black clothes & I love pictures in black and white. It is classy and it gives a photo so much more feeling. Today I am wearing this musthave look from Tresoj. Tresoj is a Dutch webshop which [...]

augustus 9, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 1

OUTFIT | She needed a hero so that is what she became’

  What am I wearing? Dungaree | Zara Heels | Zara Croptop | Urban Outfitters Earring | Zara - Photo’s taken by Iris Dijkers [...]

augustus 5, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 1
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OUTFIT | Most obstables are inspiration’

You probably noticed that I am not blogging as much as I did before. Sometimes you go through difficult times in your life. Those times when you think that the whole world is against you Days when you want to do nothing and hide behind your sunglasses I couldn’t find my sparkle and I was [...]

juli 22, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 1
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      The older we get the more we realize what is important in life. Things that seemed to be important are fading away. Through the years I learned to love the little things. But I also learned that the most important things in life aren’t things. It is a the beautiful view, the sea [...]

juni 20, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 7
carmen_36 blog

OUTFIT | You gotta find people who love like you do’

At the end we can blame the stars or tell ourselves that it wasn’t meant to be That it wasn’t destined to happen But deep down we know that the stars were not at fault and it wasn’t ‘meant to be’ The fault was in ourselves. - What am I wearing? Denim jacket | Topshop [...]

juni 17, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 2


What am I wearing? Tee | Zara Skirt | River Island Heels BOSS [...]

juni 1, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 1
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OUTFIT | I believe in music as much as some people believe in fairy tales’

 I believe in music as much as some people believe in fairy tales’ Music always heals me, it connects people and makes me feel better. Same as the sunlight that touches my skin and the feeling of freedom when I walk in the open nature. The weather is getting better, summer is beginning and the festivals are coming! I am so excited for the [...]

mei 23, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Outfits 12


    This weekend I finally joined the slip ons club. I ordered a pair months ago, but this weekend they finally arrived. And I have to confirm the saying; ‘It pays to be patient’ After waiting so long for these shoes I must say they are perfect! Comfortable, beautiful and easy to combine. For a [...]

mei 19, 2014 Carmenl Topic 5
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OUTFIT | May you live as long as you want, and not want as long as you live’

Our lives consist of the beauty we fill them with The more beauty we surround ourselves with, The richer our lives will be. Wanting everything more and more Blocks us from enjoying the things we already have It is good to be ambitious, but it is important not to be greedy Don’t obsess over what [...]

mei 12, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 6
my daily fashion dosis carmen leenen blogger


You all know I love quotes. Especially quotes who correspond to my status. Lately I am working out a lot, so when I saw this t-shirt I thought: ‘I Gotta have it!’ It is kind of funny because I got this tee from And they really sell Gotta-haves! Gottahaves is a platform for women enhanced [...]

mei 6, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 3
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OUTFIT | The purest and the most thoughtful minds are those who love color most’

After the April showers, it is time for fun and happiness, So it is time for fun colors! I got immediately happy when I saw this Neon floral dress from Red Label Red label Label is a young British brand which is dedicated to all things in fashion. They are focussed mainly on fun pretty girly versatile dresses. [...]

april 30, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 4