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  What am I wearing? No Thanks cardigan |  Amy&Ivy Skirt | H&M Trend Shoes | Zara Sunnies | TOPSHOP [...]

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I’m definitely a denim girl. From ripped jeans to denim blouses I have it all. Denim is timeless. You can never go wrong with it and you can combine it in so many different ways. To celebrate the greatness of denim, The Sting will be hosting a party in the WesterUnie, Amsterdam on November 21st. And because The [...]

november 4, 2014 Carmenl Events, Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 0

OUTFIT | It takes a little more to make a champion’

  What am I wearing? Jordan  NBA tee | Episode Lips bag | Aosap Shoes | Miista Love Cap | Essentiel - Photo’s taken by [...]

oktober 26, 2014 Carmenl Geen categorie 1

OUTFIT | We have tomorrows for a reason’

  What am I wearing? Denim jacket | Topshop Check legging | Sevensisters Heels | Zara Sunnies | Zerouv [...]

oktober 19, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 3
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OUTFIT | A woman has to be strong and beautiful’

 What am I wearing? Leopard sweater | Forever21 Skirt | H&M Sneakers | New balance Sunnies | Topshop [...]

oktober 6, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 3

OUTFIT| Your attitude determines your direction’

  What am I wearing? Coat | Supertrash Little black dress tee | River Island Heels | BOSS Hat | vintage [...]

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What am I wearing? Sweater | Zara Skirt |H&M Trend Sneakers | Sasha Sunnies | Zerouv - Photo’s taken by [...]

september 24, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 5
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  Sometimes the future changes quickly anf completely and we are only left with the thought what to do next. We can choose to be afraid of it, to stand there trembling, not moving or assuming the worst that can happen. Or we step forward, into the unknown and assume it will be brilliant. - [...]

september 1, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 1
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OUTFIT | Share a Coke with..

With who would you share your coke? - What am I wearing? Star Pull | Forever21 Shorts | H&M Heels | Asos Coke | Coca Cola [...]

augustus 21, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration 0

OUTFIT | Classy is the original black’

  Classy is the original black. For some reason everything looks better in black. I look better in black clothes & I love pictures in black and white. It is classy and it gives a photo so much more feeling. Today I am wearing this musthave look from Tresoj. Tresoj is a Dutch webshop which [...]

augustus 9, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 1

OUTFIT | She needed a hero so that is what she became’

  What am I wearing? Dungaree | Zara Heels | Zara Croptop | Urban Outfitters Earring | Zara - Photo’s taken by Iris Dijkers [...]

augustus 5, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 1
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OUTFIT | Most obstables are inspiration’

You probably noticed that I am not blogging as much as I did before. Sometimes you go through difficult times in your life. Those times when you think that the whole world is against you Days when you want to do nothing and hide behind your sunglasses I couldn’t find my sparkle and I was [...]

juli 22, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 1