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OUTFIT | Think about the beauty still left around you’

It is finally summer and there is beauty all around us & I feel like dressing up. I am wearing this summery and girly playsuit of Because it is a one piece I like to add accessories to make my look complete. I love my new watch from Storm Watches and I like to match [...]

juni 29, 2015 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 0
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June is always my favourite month of the year. The summer starts, my BDAY is coming up and I am going to IBIZA! SO JUNE IS FOR ME PARTY TIME! What is your favourite month? - What am I wearing? Kimono | Forever21 Flared Jeans | Seven Sisters Rib Top | Topshop Watch | Cluse Heels [...]

juni 15, 2015 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 1


What am I wearing? Fringe jacket | Missguided Top | TOPSHOP Fringe skirt | Missguided High Knee boots | Missguided [...]

mei 31, 2015 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 1
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As the sun is a shining a little bit more each day and the summer is coming I am in the festival mood. Like every year there are a lot of festivals and I want to go to every single one of them. Unfortunately I have no time to visit all of them, but I [...]

mei 15, 2015 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 1

PANDORA | Show it with a ring

When you meet a person, a person, one of your soulmates. Let the connection. Let the relationship be what it is.  It may be five minutes, five hours, five days, five months, five years, a lifetime. Let it manifest itself the way it is meant to be. It has a organic destiny. This way it [...]

april 30, 2015 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 1

OUTFIT | Cause our joy is electric’

What am I wearing? Must have tee | Tresoj fashion Skirt | Vintage Long blouse | Vintage Heels | H&M [...]

april 16, 2015 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 0

OUTFIT | A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles’

  Today I combined the seventies look with sportive elements. Suede blouse, with the very nice eagle printed t-shirt from Project Style Hunter combined with the brand new Marathona EVO sneakers from Hummel sport. Project Style Hunter is a online fashion boutique for all fashion ladies. The collection is inspired by all new fashion trends. [...]

februari 24, 2015 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits, Win 2

OUTFIT | She’s got a beautiful mind, you can’t buy that

What am I wearing? Hat | Zara Fringe jacket | Seven Sisters Mtv crop tee | Seven Sisters Skirt | H&M Trend [...]

januari 28, 2015 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 2


Your life is your message. Make sure it is inspiring. We are powerful. We are fruit. We are the powerfruit of this era. We can change the world. I love this inspiring text of SHE HAS A GUN, POWERFRUIT collection. We are the generation that can change the world. Wearing these SHE HAS A GUN [...]

december 21, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits, Win 4


  What am I wearing? No Thanks cardigan |  Amy&Ivy Skirt | H&M Trend Shoes | Zara Sunnies | TOPSHOP [...]

november 16, 2014 Carmenl Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 2


I’m definitely a denim girl. From ripped jeans to denim blouses I have it all. Denim is timeless. You can never go wrong with it and you can combine it in so many different ways. To celebrate the greatness of denim, The Sting will be hosting a party in the WesterUnie, Amsterdam on November 21st. And because The [...]

november 4, 2014 Carmenl Events, Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits 2

OUTFIT | It takes a little more to make a champion’

  What am I wearing? Jordan  NBA tee | Episode Lips bag | Aosap Shoes | Miista Love Cap | Essentiel - Photo’s taken by [...]

oktober 26, 2014 Carmenl Geen categorie 1