My Daily Fashion Dosis


Carmen Leenen
My Daily Fashion Dosis by Carmen Leenen is a blog about fashion, personal style, travels and inspiration.
My story

I was born in a small village in the east of Holland. When I was a little girl I was always dreaming about living the best life possible. See beautiful places, create pretty things and chasing happiness.
I guess was a bit different than the other village girls. I had too much ambition. Too much passion and too much need to discover te world. Everywhere I go I love to take photo´s. I see beauty in everything. Actually there is beauty in everything, just not everybody sees it. Thats why I started my blog 12 years ago, to share my pictures, passion and all my inspiration to the world.

I mostly share my personal style and thoughts. Style reflects your personality. I like to wear dresses as I am very feminime. On the other hand I am a rebel. Always against the system and very subborn. This element you can also see in my looks. As I love to wear leather jackets, studs and biker boots.
I would describe my style as feminime and sexy with and edgy twist.

I am wearing a lot of golden jewelry. My favourite piece is this white golden ring. It is the wedding ring of my mother. She past away 11 years ago. When I look at this ring it reminds me of her and her strong mindset. She inspires me every day to live the life of my dreams. I love to grow and develop myself by travelling and meeting new people. I am changing every year & every minute. But I think I will always be the girl who will remind you that you can dream bigger.