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Never a bad hair day again! Last week I attended the exclusive hair by RevitaLash event organized by Friends of the brands, where they launched their lastest RevitaLash Hair Care Collection on the European and Dutch market.

FOTB_Revitalash_nr002_MG&_JeroenRoest_LQ 650

The event took place at Cosmo Hairstyling Zuidas in Amsterdam, where the VP from RevitaLash America explained to us their story and presented the new hair products. Besides, that of the invited girls got a RevitaLash hair treatment to try out their new products. YAY!

FOTB_Revitalash_nr065_MG&_JeroenRoest_LQ 650

I started my treatment with a little conversation about my hair. What I would like to improve? Well, I think I want what every girl wants… longer and thicker hair. ;-) When I was young I had super strong long hair. The hair that every girl dreams of. When I was 12 short hair was trendy, so I cut my hair short. Since that, it took me such a long time to get that same long healthy hair back. It is still not the same as it was when I was little… So I was so happy to hear that RevitaLash has great new products that make your hair stronger, thicker and more healthy.

FOTB_Revitalash_nr138_MG&_JeroenRoest_LQ 650

So see here the magic products. First, the volume enhancing foam. This conditioner contains nourishing ingredients such as Revitalash patented biopetin complex, plant extracts, and powerful polypeptides. This mix of ingredients ensures that your hair looks healthier, fuller and thicker. Second, the thickening shampoo and conditioner. A shampoo and conditioner that also help to improve the health of your hair.

FOTB_Revitalash_nr063_MG&_JeroenRoest_LQ 650

I got my first treatment at the Cosmo hairstyling salon last week and since the event, I am using the products every day. They advise using the products daily for 4 to 6 weeks for the ultimate result. I can’t wait to see the results in 6 weeks!

FOTB_Revitalash_nr076_MG&_JeroenRoest_LQ 650
For now, I will leave you all in suspense. Patience is a virtue. I will come back to you (probably bragging about my super strong & long hair) in 6 weeks. See you! <3


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