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Hey sweeties,

I think it is time for a new fashion post. As you know I am posting fashion/outfit inspiration on my Instagram account (@carmenleenen) on a daily basis. With the tag option, it is easy to see from which brand the items that I wear are from. The accessories I wear with this look today are very special and have a little bit more explaining to do then just a tag. So let’s check out today’s look and discover more about my Les Georgettes by Altesse jewellery in this blog post.

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As it is still cold in Holland I am wearing my cashmere dress from unrobe combined with a real leather legging from Ibana. To add a bit Rock ‘n Roll to the outfit I love to wear my edgy Dr Martens with it.

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Accessories are always important for me. I think accessories are making or breaking your outfit. So for today my beautiful brand new Les Georgettes by Altesse bracelet & ring are making my look. I combine the jewellery with my Renard watch. The jewellery and the watch have both a combination of gold with black, so they are suited very well together.

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I told you that the accessories I wear are very special. Why they are so special you are probably asking me now…
Well, the Les Georgettes by Altesse jewellery is a creative concept. You can create your own Les Georgettes piece by choosing a bracelet and/or ring and combine it with a leather strap of your own choice as well.

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How does it work exactly? First, you will choose your motive for the bracelet/ ring. Then you choose your favourite colour. I personally always wear gold, but you can choose 8 different colours! After that, you can personalize your item by choosing a leather strap to click in the bracelet/ ring. I choose for gold with black, because it matches with my Chanel bag, Renard watch and my whole look.

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I love this concept of Les Georgettes by Altesse so much. You can wear your Les Georgettes jewellery every day, but it will look different each day. Plus! Your jewellery will always match with your look. And… there are so many options, so you can get wild with your creativity!

Curious about the options? Check the Les Georgettes by Altesse website and let me know how you would personalize your bracelet or ring.

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