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Carmenl 2 mei 2017 Fashion, Inspiration, Outfits, Shop Geen reacties

Yes summer is coming! When I hear the word summer, I think about festivals. I have already planned some cool festivals, which I will be attending this season. I am going to Lentekabinet, PITCH & Nomads festival. For these festivals I definitely need a fashionable outfit as I want to be the coolest chick at the festival. I booked a testdrive at Mercedes-Benz and went shopping in Haarlem.

I visited my favourites stores, OU Boutique, Id Store and ONS. These are my favourites stores as they have items you cannot buy everywhere and I want to have unique pieces. The stores were full with the coolest festival stuff. It was so hard to decide what I wanted to buy, because ofcourse I want to have everything. (shopping-addict)

After having a delicious lunch at Veerkwartier, I figured out which outfit I wanted to buy. Curious which items I chose and what my festival look will be this festival season? Watch below my shopping video and my fashionable drive with Mercedes-Benz! Want to read more about my day, read the full article at Fashionweek.


This video is made in collaboration with Fashionweek & Mercedes-Benz 

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