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Fire your senses and feed the soul! The PERi-PERi sauces from Nando’s add the perfect flavor for the tastiest recipes. I am such a Nando’s fan. When I am in London I always have to go to Nando’s for their “Portuguese-style chicken” YAM! Unfortunately, there are no Nando’s restaurants in the Netherlands, but luckily the Nando’s sauces are available at Albert Heijn. There are 5 flavors of PERi-PERi sauces and 2 PERinaises and I have them all haha! I like to experiment and try new recipes I make up myself. So today I want to share with you my favorite recipe;
The PERi-PERi Hot Chicken Wraps! 

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The PERi-PERi Hot Chicken Wraps are easy to make and are super tasty! 

So which ingredients do you need for These delicious PERi-PERi Hot Chicken Wraps?
– Whole wheat wraps
– Paprika
– Cherry tomatoes
– Cucumber
– 300 grams of Chicken
– PERi-PERi sauce hot edition
Extra; Cheese

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When you have all the ingredients, you start by cutting all the vegetables and chicken. I was lazy… so I bought chicken cubes but you can also cut it yourself. When all the cutting is done you start cooking the chicken until it has a nice light brown color. Then you add the most important ingredient the PERi-PERi sauce hot. It gives the chicken an amazing and delicious flavor because the Nando’s sauces are prepared with the most tasteful and unique PERi-PERi chilies. The chilies grow under blisteringly hot South African sun that gives the chilies extra spice and spirit that you will definitely experience when you taste the sauce.

After that, you add the paprika to cook for 2 minutes with the PERi-PERi chicken. The cooking is already done and you start filling the wraps. Put some of the PERi-PERi chicken with paprika in the middle of the wrap and add the cold cucumber and tomatoes.  Fold the wrap and make some more until your oven dish is full.
If you want you can add some cheese on top of the wraps and then your meal is ready to put in the oven (200 degrees Celcius) for 15 minutes.

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Waiting is worth it! Because after 15 minutes your The PERi-PERi Hot Chicken Wraps looks delicious. I made some salad as a sight dish and I love to add the Nando’s PeRinaise YAM! I can’t wait any longer so I am going to enjoy my favorite meal. I bet you are already on your way to buy all the different PERi-PERi sauces from Nando’s at the Albert Heijn ;-) When you are back from the Albert Heijn and you forgot how to make these tasty PERi-PERi Hot Chicken Wraps. You can watch it again in the video here below. Bon appetit!

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