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One of my favourites things to do after a day of work is relaxing in my bath. When I am in bath or under the shower I always play my favourite music. I play the music at my mobile, but what annoys me is that my mobile is too far from the shower/ bath and I don’t hear it as loud as I would like to hear it. So I looked around for a solution and I found it! The Waterproof Bluetooth Heart Speaker from Avanca.


 It is super easy to use! You can connect the The Waterproof Bluetooth Heart Speaker via Bluetooth with your smartphone, tablet or Ipod and hear all the songs you want. You can even answer a phonecall if someone’s calling you with one press on the button! I will never come out of this bath!


I also really love the shape of the speaker. I love hearts, who doesn’t?!


And it looks super sweet on the bath or shower wall.


 So now you think, okay… but what if I get used to listening my favourite songs in my bathroom and I go on holiday?
Well dont worry! You can take the heart with you and even place it at the swimming pool. Turn on the holiday music and you are totally summerproof. How cool is that? :-)!


Ok, I said I would never go out of the bath, but unfortunately I have to… but tomorrow I will be back and I will practices all my favourite songs all over again. Maybe one day I will be a singer ;-)
Oh and some last good news! You will get now 30% discount if you click here and use the discountcode love2017. (valid till 1st of March)


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