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So, let´s get real, who doesn´t love Disney? Well, I definitely do! I am still thinking and enjoying my Disney trip from last week. In my daydreams, I am still riding all of my favourite roller coasters and other fun attractions. As I said before in my other blog I really love the big thrill attractions, so if you also are a daredevil like me… I made a list for you with my favourite top 5 must-do attractions in Disneyland Paris to make sure you don’t miss the best thrills while you are caught up in all the Disney madness and excitement ;-)

 #1. Buzz Lightyear laser blast

Disneyland Paris Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast 635

Haha, this is one of my favourite attractions and photo!! Look at the face of my boyfriend, he is so focussed on hitting all the targets. Hahaha! In this attraction, it is your mission to defeat the evil ZURG by hitting all the targets with your laser gun. You are cruising in an XP-40 space cruiser through the Gamma Quadrant to stop Zurg and score points. You can spin around your space cruiser to shoot as many targets as you can. On the dashboard of the cruiser, you will see your score. As you can see on the picture I easily shot all the targets, so guess who won…?!

#2. Rock `n Rollercoaster by Aerosmith

Disneyland Paris Rock n rollercoaster Aerosmith 635

Located in the Disney Studios Park next to the Tower of Terror you will find the fastest rollercoaster of Disneyland Paris called Rock ‘n Rollercoaster by Aerosmith. In less than 3 seconds you will reach a speed of 100km per hour. After the initial acceleration, the rollercoaster ride goes a bit smoother, you are experiencing a rollercoaster ride with some amazing loops and you get to listen to Aerosmith greatest hits. Such a bonus! As this is the fastest ride of the park we really loved it and went in 3 times! Definitely, a must-do when you are in the Disney Studios Park!

#3. Big Thunder Mountain

Disneyland Paris Big Thunder Mountain 635

The Big Thunder Mountain is the wildest ride in the west and the perfect rollercoaster if you are tired of the loop rollercoasters. This rollercoaster doesn’t have any loops but is still really cool and fast. You will climb steeply and dive under waterfalls in a speeding mine. Besides that this ride is full of fast descents and sharp turns in dark and ghostly mines. Well, what can I say more? I think the picture says it all…

#4. The Twilight Tower of Terror

Disneyland Paris Tower of Terror 635

The Tower of Terror attraction is based on the TV Anthology series, The Twilight Zone which takes place in the fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel in Hollywood. You will start in the main reception of the haunted hotel. After the meeting in the lobby, you will be entering the lift. Once in the elevator, you are transported from one level to another level and you will see stories of people who mysteriously disappeared from the hotel elevator. The scariest thing is that the lift doors open right at the top, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the whole of Disneyland, but then the lift drops and you fall back to the first floor with a really high speed. My stomach was up in my throat. Scary but excited! And the view at the top is amazing! So make sure you will experience this one.

#5. Hyperspace Mountain

Disneyland Paris Hyperspace mountain 635

Last but not least Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain! This rollercoaster takes you to the Star Wars universe! You will be shot in `Hyperspace` towards an epic space battle between the TIE fighters and a Star Destroyer. The hyperspace is also very fast and has some unforgettable loops! Don’t forget to take a ride to space when you are in Disneyland Paris.

So daredevils… still ready for the Disneyland adventure? As of 31st of March, Thalys will bring passengers from the Netherlands to Marne-la-Vallée twice a day. So these must-do attractions are within easy reach. 

Disneyland Paris Thalys 635

From Amsterdam, you will arrive in the land of magic within three hours and 40 minutes. From Rotterdam, it will take only two hours and 55 minutes. Prices will vary from € 35 in the category Standard, € 62 in Comfort and € 89 in the Premium category. For the very youngest (up to 12 years) there are Standard tickets for only € 15, -.  So what are you waiting for? Plan now your dream trip to Disneyland Paris!

This blog is made in collaboration with Disney NL & Disneyland Paris

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