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Are you also a Disneyland Paris and Halloween fan just like me? This season the Disney villains are taking over Disneyland Paris during the Halloween Festival from 28th till the 3rd of November! When I got the opportunity to go to the opening of the Halloween season in Disneyland Paris, my boyfriend and I got super excited. We are both big Disney and Halloween fans, so definitely the perfect combo for the perfect weekend away. Besides that, we are such big fans, but there are so many more reasons why you should go to Disneyland Paris during the Halloween season…

disney halloween minnie mouse 630

1. To get blown away by the Halloween Disney parade.
New season, new parade. In this season all the Disney villains are part of the magical parade. This year the Disney villains are accompanied by Ursula, the angry sea witch from The Little Mermaid. Who plays a special part in the new Disney parade show. Besides that, you will see Minnie Mouse, Mickey and all the other Disney characters dressed in their Halloween costumes on the most beautiful Halloween parade wagons. I was blown away by the Halloween parade! The wagons the Halloween customs, the music and dances what a show!

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2. To experience the new Tower of Terror and other new and exciting attractions.
One of my favorite attractions is the Tower of Terror. So I was really excited when I heard that the Tower of Terror at the Walt Disney Studios Park has been renewed! The attraction has been renewed since this Halloween season with an even more exciting dimension and has not one, but several new surprises. Once you step into one of the elevator shafts you step into one of the new stories. The updated sound and visual effects make the experience extra scary!!
If you are still in the mood and brave enough to experience another scary attraction after the Tower of Terror, then you can also try the Phantom Manor in Frontierland in Disneyland Park. This iconic attraction reopened in spring after the largest renovation in its history. Through a mysterious tour, you will be surprised by ghosts from every angle!! Super scary but also a super cool experience! Definitely a must-do! So I dare you to try out these renewed and very scary attractions in the Halloween season.

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3. To meet all your favorite Disney villains or other Disney characters in their Halloween costumes.
The Halloween season in Disneyland Paris is the best opportunity to meet your favorite Disney villains or get dressed like them. My favorite Disney Villain is Cruella the Vil, so I totally went for the full Cruella the Vil look! As Cruella, my goal was to meet as many Disney villains or Disney Halloween characters as possible. Disneyland Paris offers in the Halloween season the opportunity to have exclusive encounters with Disney characters such as Minnie, Stitch, and Max (Goofy`s son) and the Kolderkat from Alice in Wonderland. All the Disney characters celebrate Halloween in their most beautiful Halloween outfits and they are ready to take a picture with you! Also Maleficent takes over the courtyard of the Castle of Sleeping Beauty. I also got the chance to meet her, which was very cool!! (see my picture as proof ;)) Who is your favorite Disney villain and with who would you like to take a picture?

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4. To be amazed by the Disney illuminations (Halloween) show.
The illuminations Disney show is definitely the most beautiful show I have ever seen! I am not lying when I say I almost cried. The Disney projections on the castle of the sleeping beauty are so beautiful!! The illuminations are in combination with the music, fireworks, and fountains so magical and magnificent. The illuminations show is not renewed but for the Halloween season, they added an extra Halloween illumination part in front of the show. Totally worth a visit to Disneyland.

disney vil
5. For a bedazzling experience in the most beautiful decorated park.
Disneyland definitely bedazzled me! I already was a big Disneyland fan, but it is such a different experience to visit Disneyland Paris during the Disney Halloween season. It made me an even bigger fan! The Disneyland parks have a cozy fall atmosphere and are totally decorated in the Halloween style. Grinning pumpkins, flickering lights and creepy sounds create an enchanting atmosphere until late in the evening. Disneyland Paris gives you the best Halloween experience you can ever wish for! So are you brave enough to visit Disneyland during the Halloween season?! 

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