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Paris the city of love is always a good idea to go to. I really love Paris. It is so romantic and beautiful and it is only a few hours away by plane, car or train. I am a huge fan of going by plane everywhere because it is so fast. However, when I travel to Paris I love to go with the Thalys. In this blog I want to share with you 5 reasons why I love to travel to Paris by the Thalys and why should do it too ;-)

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#1. It is the fastest way to travel to Paris! From Amsterdam to Paris it is only 3 hours and 20 minutes.
Yes, I know what you are thinking right now. It is only 1 hour and 15 minutes by plane. That’s right! However think about the whole travel from your house to the hotel in Paris, that takes much longer by plane: The travel from your home to the airport (30 minutes or longer) being on time at the airport (1,5 hours before) travel by plane (1,15 hours) getting out the plane and the waiting time for the baggage (30 minutes) Plus then you have to go from the airport to your hotel in Paris (this could also take 30 till 60 minutes). So travelling by planes takes up to 4 to 4,5 hours. If you travel with the Thalys you just have to go to the central station in Amsterdam, go into the train, sit and relax until you arrive in Paris and then you can take the taxi or metro to your hotel which will only take 15min till 30 minutes depends on where you are staying in Paris. My hotel was only 15 minutes away so I was there really fast! I only travelled in the morning, so I still had the whole afternoon to explore Paris.

#2. You can bring more baggage
When you are travelling with the Thalys you are allowed to bring 1 big suitcase and 2 pieces of hand luggage. There is a lot of space to store your baggage so it doesn’t bother you on the journey. As a fashion blogger, I brought 1 big suitcase full of outfits and 2 pieces of hand luggage just for one weekend haha! Shame on me ;-) However, I am so happy that I could bring all my stuff without paying extra.

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#3. The seats are more comfortable
In the Thalys, you have more space to sit. The seats are really comfortable and you have more space to move your legs. I am really tall so in a plane, I am always stuck between the chairs. No place to move my legs. In the Thalys, the chairs are not so close to each other. I travelled premium so my seat was even more spacious and comfortable. I was super happy with all the space I had and my legs were very happy too haha ;-) But even when you are not travelling premium you have more leg space and are the seats bigger than a plane seat.

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#4. You have internet on the Thalys so you can work, Instagram, Facebook your friends or watch a movie while travelling.
I love the fact that you have internet on the Thalys. You even have free wifi! So you can just finish your e-mails, edit your pictures, Facebook your friends or watch a movie on Netflix. You can do anything you want. On my way to Paris I did all my e-mail and then I watch an episode of friends and then I look out of the window and I already was in Paris! Because you can do anything the time goes very fast. It also feels that you are not losing time because you can work and use it wisely. Besides the free wifi you have also the possibily to charge your phone or laptop. That is also very handy, so you are never stuck with an empty battery. When you arrive in Paris you phone is fully charged and you can search the best options to travel to your hotel and make pictures on the way.

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#5. You can feel like a VIP by travelling Premium
To make your journey as comfortable as possible, Thalys offers a premium ticket. This means you travel with all the benefits like free access to the Thalys lounges, free drinks and 2 meals served at your seat, you can order a taxi on board, a more comfortable seat, and the best and fastest wifi. I was travelling premium because I wanted to work while travelling and make my journey as easy as possible. I really enjoyed all the service. It was really the best! Also the food you get is really delicious and healthy. I really felt like a VIP!


This blog is made in collaboration with Thalys

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