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Since I am a little girl I am dreaming of a trip to Disneyland Paris. Last weekend my dream came finally true. I visited Disneyland Paris to experience the opening of the new seasons. The Star Wars season at Walt Disney Studios and Disney’s Pirates & Princesses Festival at the Disneyland Park.

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Let me take you with me to Disneyland Paris and give you an impression of the new seasons, the park and all my adventures.

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The first day my boyfriend and I went to the Disneyland Park, the park with the beautiful pink Sleeping Beauty castle. Ofcourse I had to make a picture in front of the castle! It is such a beautiful spot, it almost felt in that moment that I was the princess of the castle. After this we walked around and tried all the different attractions. We both are daredevils so we wanted to do all the big thrills attractions! We were running around like childern on the happiest place of the earth! Haha! It was so much fun, we enjoyed all the rollercoasters and all the other attractions of the park.

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The next day we stood up early to go back to the magicland, where all your dreams come true. We had a full but fun program of shows, meet and greets and rollercoaster rides ;-)! The new seasons started Saturday, so we went to see the Disney’s Pirates & Princesses parade in the Disneyland Park

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What a beautiful parade! All the Princesses and Pirates were amazing! Loved their dancing and the song! Are you a princess or a Pirate? I am definitely a Princess for sure! Look how pretty princess Jasmin of Aladdin looks in her blue dress.

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Friday it almost felt like I was a real princess when I made my picture in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle. But Saturday I was a real princess! I had the chance the meet the Sleeping Beauty and her prince in her castle! It was so lovely the meet her and her prince and to be able to have a look in the magical castle.

Disneyland Paris 3 650

After seeing the parade and meeting the Sleeping Beauty we went to the Walt Disney Studio park to see the opening of the other season: “Legends of the Force: A Celebration of Star Wars”.  My boyfriend is a huge Star Wars fan so he couldn’t be happier to see all the live shows. So we watched them all: Star Wars a Galaxy far far away, Star Wars: The imperial march and Star Wars: A Galatic Celebration.

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Look how amazing this looks! The shows were so cool!  After seeing this we were inspired to watch all the Star Wars movies again.

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Another highlight of the day: Meeting Chewbacca! Chewbacca is one of the Star Wars characters in the Star Wars movies. I just love him because he is so fluffly and we had matching outfits. ;-) This year Disney added the meet and greet of Chewbacca to their Program. So when you visit Disneyland Paris make sure you hug this beautiful creator for a picture.

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Sunday we stood up early again to enjoy our last hours in the park and to meet my favourite Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse! I was wearing the Minnie Mouse ears for the whole weekend, so it was so much fun to meet them as well and have a photo moment. 

Disneyland Paris 11 650

WOW! My weekend has been totally succesful! All that I dreamed of since I am a little girl and more came true! This weekend full of happy moments, amazing shows, lovely meet and greets and excited rides I will never forget! We had such a great time and we will definitely come back soon.

Traveltip if you are planning a trip to Disneyland soon: From the 31st of March the Thalys will ride directly from Amsterdam (via Schiphol, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels) to Disneyland Paris!


This blog is made in collaboration with Disney NL & Disneyland Paris

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