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Carmenl 29 oktober 2017 Events, Inspiration, travel Geen reacties

The countdown has begun! 5 days from now I will be going on my¬†roadtrip with fellow blogger Larissa Bruin. I am really excited to go on a roadtrip. I have travelled a lot this year, but I think this trip will be one of the most special experiences I have had this year. A roadtrip is on my bucketlist for a long time and we don’t know where we are going, so that makes it extra special and excited.


We will start our trip upcoming Friday in Amsterdam, where we will get our first direction. When we will be driving we still will not know where we are going exactly. I will keep you posted on my instagramstories (@carmen_mdfd), so you can follow every step of our roadtrip! I am so curious where we will be going. What city would we end up? and in what kind of accomodation will we sleep? Can’t wait!


Do you see me thinking about the destination unknown?! I think I will probably not sleep the upcoming 5 days from the excitment. What do I have to bring? Which clothes shall I take with me? So many questions… I will probably bring too many stuff, but hey what else is new ;-)

Do you also love surprises? And does my excitement already got you thinking about making a SRPRS.ME trip? Or even better do you love to surprise your friend or boyfriend? Then I got something nice for you! From the 1st of December you can order the special holiday giftcard on the website to surprise your friends. Go to the website, pick a amount, write a personal message and sent the giftcard to your friend or to your home address to give the present personal. You will have the perfect present for the holidays!


So yes…I am already ready to go. Wish it is Friday already. Stay tuned and I will tell you more about my roadtrip upcoming weekend!


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