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Last weekend I went for a long weekend to Tel Aviv, Israel. I really didn’t know what I could expect, but Tel Aviv blew me away! Tel Aviv has so much to offer. It has a great vibe, lovely people and food and it looks also so beautiful. Especially in the old city (Jaffa). Jaffa in Hebrew is Yafo and it actually means beautiful. So if you are planning to visit Tel Aviv I highly recommend you to visit Jaffa to see the beauty yourself.

oliver tel aviv 3 630

And of course, I had to take a picture at one of the oldest port cities in the world. Fun fact: Over the centuries more and more Jews with boats came to Israel and arrived in the port of Jaffa. Eventually, the port city became too full and causing people to settle outside of Jaffa. And that is how Tel Aviv was born! Nowadays Jaffa is a district of Tel Aviv and is called Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

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We didn’t stay in beautiful Jaffa, but we spend our first 2 nights at hotel Oliver which is located in the heart of Tel Aviv. Oliver Tel Aviv is a unique space with only 5 rooms with a private bathroom in each one of them. It has a beautiful common living room and kitchen with free espresso, water, and beer. I really love the design of the hotel. The 100-year-old building was reconstructed by the architect Iris Berger. She used natural materials such as Iron, stone, wood, and glass to create the original atmosphere of the old olive press that worked in the building in 1930.

oliver tel aviv 5 630

It was really nice to have a living room and a kitchen as well. In the living room, there were fashion books (great for a fashion-lover like me), and books about Tel Aviv and Isreal. Of course, I was looking for the perfect photo spots in Israel and Tel Aviv. Cool photo spots were actually not hard to find as the hotel was just a 5-minute walk from Rothschild Blvd and the photogenic area Neve Tzedek.

oliver tel aviv 4 630
After a day full of shooting and exploring our room was the perfect place to come home to. The bed was really comfy and I just love a hotel that has a great interior like this. 

Oliver tel aviv 2 630

You can imagine that I slept well in that comfy bed. Waking up the next morning was also great at hotel Oliver Tel Aviv as we had a huge balcony, free espresso to drink and a really beautiful and characteristic view. So if you are going to Tel Aviv take a look at hotel Oliver Tel Aviv to stay in as I had an amazing time!



This blog is made in collaboration with hotel Oliver Tel Aviv

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