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In February I was in Bali and as many of you ask me on Instagram; ‘What are the best places to sleep when you are in Bali?‘  To answer that question I will present you in this blog my favourite places to sleep in Bali at 3 different hotspots.

Best places to sleep in Bali

Kalapa Resort & Yoga Retreat, Canggu

The first place I stayed in Bali was The Kalapa at Canggu. Kalapa is a beautiful luxury resort where you can relax and enjoy the tropical environment. It is surrounded by rice fields, tropical plants and a deep river valley. Kalapa has different villas and bungalows which are all very comforting and super beautiful.

BALI 16 650

One thing I love about Bali is that the showers are always outside. Kalapa also has an outside shower and bath. I love to relax in the bathtub outside. It feels like you are bathing in the jungle which is very cool.

BALI 650

The resort has also a few swimming pools where you can cool down. It was very hot when I was in Bali (30 degrees) so I had to take a dive so now and then. Besides that, I cannot deny that I love to chill on the Flamingo with a great cocktail. This is as they say #holidaygoals!

BALI 12 650

Have you ever seen me so chilled out? Breakfast at the pool before our villa. Can life get any better?!

The Camakila, Legian
After Canggu, we went to Legian. Legian is a small place nearby Seminyak. At Legian we stayed at the beautiful hotel the Camakila. The hotel is located on the beach and has 120 modern rooms and 3 luxury suites.

BALI 8 650

Not only is the Camakila close to the beach, the sunset here is breathtaking! Look at this!! I couldn’t stop taking pictures. The sky turned into all the colours of the rainbow.

BALI 7 650

The hotel has a very delicious breakfast. I decided to cool down in the pool and have breakfast at the same time. The breakfast is very extensive. You can choose anything you want, from fruit to pancakes to pastries etc. Can I have another round, please?

BALI 5 650

There is one swimming pool near the breakfast restaurant and one more near to the beach. Both swimming pools are very big. I love a big swimming pool where you can cool down and tan.

BALI 11 650

I told you that I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Beautiful sunset, beautiful hotel! Definitely, check out the Camakila when you are in Legian.

Desa Visesa, Ubud
Last but not least, we went to Ubud and we went to a very nice resort called Desa Visesa Ubud.
Desa Visesa is located in the beautiful rice fields of Ubud and offers 66 different luxury pool villas and 40 suite units. The place is beautiful and peaceful. The staff is very helpful and everything is very luxurious.

Nothing is too much at Desa Visesa. I ordered some room service. Cocktails in our private villa with swimming pool. Holiday goals all over again.


My ultimate holiday goal? Yes… I hear you thinking… FLOATING BREAKFAST!!! Wauw this was literally a dream come true. Our own floating breakfast in our private pool with champaign. I think this was my best morning ever! If you want the ultimate holiday goals, take a look at Desa Visesa in Ubud. 

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