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The past 3 weeks I was travelling through Thailand. I started my trip 3,5 week ago in Bangkok where I slept for 2 days at the Oriental Residence. Oriental Residence is a residence where you can rent a room as an appartment or for a few days/weeks. I find Oriental Residence a really elegant and peaceful place, where I could recover from my jetlags and the long travel from Holland. The building is really beautiful and every room feels like home.


Even the lobby is a pretty place to relax.


Where I really was looking for when I booked a place to stay is a hotel with a swimmingpool. For me it is really important that I can refresh and relax at a beautiful pool. The pool of Oriental Residence was so nice! It is at the fourth floor and has a bar where you cool order food and drinks. For me the perfect holiday combination!


Even the bathroom of the pool is an experience. The view when you are washing your hands is breathtaking.


Yea, I told you so, this is where I spent my time.


Drinking coconuts at the pool, is my ultimate holiday feeling.


After a long swimming day and walking around in the city it is time to crash this amazing bed! The room was so nice, super big but super cosy!


Morning! Lovely breakfast at Cafe Claire at the Oriental Residence. Every morning you can get a delicious breakfast a la carte or buffet. As you can see, super yummy!


Okay, one extra shot of the breakie just to make you jealous! ;-)

I had a great time at the Oriental Residence. The staff was so nice and the place felt like home.
When I left I was  completey equipped. So when you are in Bangkok try this amazing place to sleep or visit Cafe Claire to have breakfast or lunch. It is really worth it.

For more info see their website


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