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Last week I was on a sailing trip in Croatia with Croatia full of life. I was so excited because it was my first time sailing and I never visited the islands of Croatia. My trip started Sunday evening in Split. I slept in the Atrium Hotel by myself. The next morning I got up early to have breakfast and to get ready to join the group at the first Island Hvar. That’s where my Croatia journey began!


The first Island to discover was Hvar. Hvar is very trendy and popular with royalty, jet set, and celebrities. I heard so much of this Island that I was really curious. When I arrived at the island it was very windy! So I had my Marilyn Monroe celebrity moment on top of an old building with the background of the island ;-). Besides the wind, I had the best experience. The island is really beautiful. I love all the small Croatian streets, palm trees, harbor, delicious fish restaurants and all the pretty views.

Kroatie 7 650

After the Hvar tour, we got back to Palmižana where our sailboat was waiting in the nautic marina. We slept on the boat in the marina Monday night and the next day we sailed together with the other 3 boats towards Komiža. This place is situated at the foot of the hill Hum and oriented in West-Southwest direction. It is protected from all the northerly winds and is, therefore, the warmest place in Croatia in the winter. The warmest place… well that sounds good to me ;-)!


We made it to Komiža. Look how cute this place is. I am a real sucker for little harbors and cute towns. It looks so pretty I love it! We spend the evening in Komiža and organized a girls night on the boat. I was actually surprised how well I could sleep on a boat. Before the trip, I thought that I would get a hard time sleeping, but with the waves and the sound of the sea, I slept every night as a little baby.


The next morning after breakfast we left the harbor of Komiža to go towards Vis. The island where Mamma Mia here we go again! was filmed. On this picture, Lauren & I are still laughing, but on the way sailing to Vis, the sea got really rough. We could not lay here or even sit inside because the boat was going from one side to the other. All our suitcases were also moving through the whole boat, one of the girls got sick and it became too dangerous to continue our sailing, so we had to cancel or sail trip to Vis and head back to the harbor of Komiža.

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From the Komiža harbor, we took a cab to Vis, so we were still able to join the Mamma Mia tour. We got a tour from some of the actors who played a little part in the movie, that was really cool. They showed us the film set locations from a lot of scenes and brought us in the end to this beautiful place for sunset. After the rough sailing, the day ended peacefully.


The girls and I slept on the boat again that night to get up early to sail towards Maslinica (Šolta). Maslinica is the only settlement and port on the west side of the island. We got a tour on the island and after that, we had a lot of free time to shoot content. The whole week I wanted to make half underwater shots but there was no time, but today was the day. Luckily we had the best company with us, Luke and Mike, two very talented guys from the UK, who brought their underwater camera and equipment. So we were totally ready to try out some cool shots in the water.


The waiting was worth it! Look at this awesome shot! I am still amazed by this shot. Love it so much, thank you, Mike Will. The best (half underwater) photographer ;-).

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The next and last day we sailed back to Split. I arrived in Split the first day, but I had no time to explore the city that day, so Split was the last thing to discover before we were heading home. I really love Split. I think it is my favorite place of the whole trip. I love the old town with the big cathedral, all the little white and old streets with flowers, the atmospheric restaurants and just the whole vibe. There is so much to do and see in this city. Too bad we only had one day here, because I would love to stay there longer. The weather was also great. It was 26 degrees at the end of September!!

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Unfortunately, the Croatia sailing tripe became to an end. It was such a great journey to discover all the island, little towns, marinas, and hidden treasures. I would love to come back and discover more because I think I felt a bit in love with Croatia. Croatia is definitely full of life!




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