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Every year with my b-day I want to go to a good and warm place to celebrate life. This year I visited Lisbon with my sister. Wauw, what an amazing city!! Everywhere you look you see beauty. The streets, the water, the restaurants it is all pretty. We also stayed at a very cute and beautiful apartment, the Sweet Inn Saudade appartment. It is a super cool apartment, it really felt we were living in Lisbon ourselves.

1 lisbon sweetinn 3

The apartment is in the city centre, but not in the touristic area which is perfect. And the view…… the view from our balcony was breathtaken!!

2 lisbon sweetinn 6

Look at the cute room of the SweetInn Apartment. The interior of the apartment was so cool. It was full of color and very cosy. It felt like home.

3 lisbon sweetinn 4

A good b-day breakfast at our balcony! Yummy!

4 lisbon sweetinn

The living room was very big and relaxing. I really loved the colored wall and the wall decoration.

5 lisbon sweetinn 8

We had not 1, but 2 bathrooms!! I felt like a princess. This is the little bathroom which has a authentic feeling. This was my favourite bathroom, because it was so Portugese.

6 lisbon sweetinn 7

One of the bedrooms. The apartment has also 2 bedrooms. Both with really nice beds and ofcourse full of nice colors and design stuff :-). I still dream about it.

7 lisbon sweetinn 9

The streets of Lisbon. I am in love with this city. Every street, I am not lying, is looking so nice.
The only disadvantage is that Lisbon has many hills. So if you walk through the city you always have to climb the hills. Fortunately there is a tram who can bring you up and down if you are tired of walking.

8 lisbon sweetinn 5

Instagramming every corner of the perfect apartment ;-)

10 lisbon sweetinn 2

Last but not least, I enjoyed the sunset every night at the balcony. What a view right?!

I had a really good time in Lisbon and if you every want to experience Lisbon as a real Lisbon habitant, stay at the Sweet Inn Saudade apartment.

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