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I recently took a 48 hours trip to Marrakech! Marrakech was on my travelbucketlist for quite a long time and I had the opportunity to visit it for 48 hours, so I went for it! I hadn’t visited Marrakech before so I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to do a lot in little time, visit all the beautiful touristic spots, eat Morrocan food, get to know the Morrocan culture and many more! So what can you do in 48h? Let’s go with me on a magical tour and get some tips!


I stayed at the beautiful La Sultana signature 5* hotel located in the historical Medina. Only 10 minutes walk to the famous Jemaa El Fna square and surrounded by typical Moroccan streetmarkets and beautiful view from the roof terras. You can read here my full blogpost about the hotel.


When you walked to the other side over the roof terras of La Sultana Signature hotel, you saw the local streetmarkets when you looked down. The streetmarkets are very nice to look around and shop, but be prepared… When you stay at a fancy hotel or Riad like La Sultana you will get immediately surrounded by Morrocan people convincing you, that they know where you want to go when you walk out of the hotel. Tip: Don’t walk with them because they are illegal tourguides and they ask you for a lot of money when they showed you the way.


 Our first stop of our 48h tour through Marrakech was Rue Yves Saint Laurent. I wanted to see the Majorelle Gardens. A Botanic garden in the middle of Marrakech designed by a French artist Jacques Marjorelle.


From 1980 the garden was owned by the French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. That’s why the garden is at Rue de Yves Saint Laurent. How cool is that? Having your own street!


The garden is definitely a must-go! Tip: Get your tickets before you go at your hotel or Riad. They are selling the tickets, so you don’t have to stand a long time in queue to get in. We got tickets before and could walk pass the line.


Second stop, Ben Youssef Madrasa! A typical Morrocan place. It is a unique example of the Islamitic architecture.
You gotta love the Morrocan colors and tiles. Tip: Download the app When the taxidriver drops you off in the old Medina you can find your way offline. So you don’t have to depend on the illegal tourguides.


I just love these walls!!!


After our visit of Ben Youssef Madrasa we walked around in the old Medina. The old Medina is very beautiful. Colored walls everywhere, you see donkeys, horses and little markets everywhere. I enjoyed the view, but again got annoyed by all the people who were after your money. Every second you got the feeling someone wants something from you and they are asking for it all the time. Tip: Walk around in the old Medina with in group. The Morrocan people will not approach a group so easily or set you up.


Yeah I told you the city is beautiful. Look at these spicy colours!


After a good sleep at La Sultana Hotel we got up early to tour around in this carriage.
I didn’t wanted to walk around in the city anymore as I was annoyed by all the people who are approaching us all the time, so I found the perfect solution. We got a one hour tour and the guide showed us all the hotspots of Marrakech.
We even visited new Marrakech where you can find the famous hotel La Mamounia.

Finished our tour at the Jemaa El Fna square, had to buy a fruit shake ;-)
After this we went back to the hotel, stayed a bit at the swimmingpool as it was 30 degrees and packed our bags as we already had to leave. It was a short trip but we had visited a lot of beautiful places and experience the culture.
Do I want to go back? I am in love with the old city, but I got annoyed a lot by the people who were pushing for our money. (Yeah I know I already told you so, can you imagine how pissed i was?) So I am a bit in doubt but I definitely want to go back to make more beautiful pictures!

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